HPWarranty PowerShell Module

Finally getting this working a bit again, refractor in progress.

Build status

This module can be installed from the PowerShellGallery. You need WMF 5 to use this feature. currently disabled until refractor is complete.

Install-Module -Name HPWarranty

HP has recently split into two divisions, and this a first attempt to support both HP server and workstation warranty via PowerShell. I currently have no way to check if a machine is a 'Server' or a 'Workstaion', so that falls on you, for now. I have added the error returned from HP to the errorstream, so you should be able to tell what the issue is more easily. This is still very beta, so please report any issues. Thanks.

HPWarranty Cmdlets

Example 1:

# Execute from local HP workstation.

Example 2:

# Execute against remote HP workstation (must be on).
Get-HPIncWarrantyEntitlement -ComputerName 'MyFriendsHP.ourdomain.org' -Credential (Get-Credential)

Example 3:

# Execute for local HP Server

Example 4:

# Get info from ConfigMgr DB and then get warranty info.
# To use the Get-HPSystemInformationFromCMDB cmdlet, the MS_SystemInformation WMI Class needs to be inventoried.
# This is not done by default, and will need to be done in your client settings.
Get-HPSystemInformationFromCMDB -SqlServer 'mysccmserver' -Database 'CM_AB1' -IntergratedSecurity -ComputerName 'mycomputer' | Get-HPIncWarrantyEntitlement