WinSCP PowerShell Wrapper Module.

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This is a comprehensive collection of PowerShell cmdlets that interface with the WinSCP .net library. It was designed to give the user the feeling of native Windows PowerShell when interfacing with WinSCP.

This module can be installed from the PowerShell Gallery. You will need Windows Management Framework 5 to install modules and scripts from the gallery.

# Inspect
Save-Module -Name WinSCP -Path <Path>

# Install
Install-Module -Name WinSCP

# Import
Import-Module -Name WinSCP

# Cmdlets
Get-Command -Module WinSCP

After installing and importing the module, create a WinSCP.Session using the New-WinSCPSession cmdlet to get started.

Visit the Cmdlet Reference to see usage and examples for all of the avaialbe WinSCP cmdlets.

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