I’m Thomas Malkewitz (@dotps1), a System Engineer with a passion for automation and scripting, especially with PowerShell. I’m also the Founder/President of the Grand Rapids PowerShell User Group. I am heavily involved with PowerShell.org, and I am an active member of the global PowerShell community. I enjoy making PowerShell Wrappers for hard to use or dated DOS command line tools, and other applications that do not have PowerShell cmdlets. I also enjoy making helper functions that are missing from the core functionality of PowerShell for everyday use.


GRPosh - My PowerShell User Group website.

PSFunctions - A Github repository to hold the source for all of my Script-Functions that are available on the PowerShell Gallery. These are Advanced Functions that do not fit in any of my existing modules

WinSCP - A PowerShell wrapper that gives the feeling of working with WinSCP objects and methods in native PowerShell.

PSGist - A PowerShell Module used for creating and modifying Github Gist objects using the Github REST API.

PSWecutil - A PowerShell Module that wrappers the Windows Event Collector utility (wecutil.exe), to allow configuration to be much easier by working with objects rather than parsing string output.

PSAppVeyor - A PowerShell module used to interface with the AppVeyor REST API.

HPWarranty - A PowerShell module used to query HP and HPE for system warranty information.

Latest Blog Post

07 Aug 2017 . server . HP Servers, EMC shelf, and Storage Pools Comments

Recently at work I was asked to build a PoC for Storage Spaces Direct. The premiss is actually pretty interesting. Basically, you take two servers, pack them full of local storage, set up a storage pool between them and then set up an HA CSV between them and then run VM’s on top of it. The cool part is for the HA, all of the IO writes are synchronous. This means, if one of the hosts where to die, your VM would be exactly how it was on the dead host, on the still functioning...